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Criminal Defense

You are legally entitled to zealously defend yourself when charged with a crime, So, Exercise that Right!

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Plea bargaining or agreeing to a lesser charge is often the remedy offered by inexperienced attorneys who are unable to properly defend you. A criminal record, even one due to a minor infraction, can have a substantial effect on your life for many years. You should not allow yourself to get a criminal record if at all possible.

When charged with a crime, you need a team of professionals that have more qualifications than simply being a former judge or prosecutor. What you really need is a team of professionals who know the law; and, a team of professionals who know how to litigate and who are not afraid to go to trial to defend you, if necessary.

While the team of professionals that work with David DL Horton & Associates do have previous experience serving as judges and prosecutors at both the local and federal level, more importantly, they know the law and are fully prepared, experienced, and qualified to go to trial.

Whether you have been charged with the Crime of Domestic Violence, DUI, Possession, Solicitation, or ANY City, State, or Federal Misdemeanor or Felony Crime, Including Murder, contact us immediately for a Free Consultation.

We also handle traffic violations (speeding tickets) and often get a moving violation reduced to a non-moving violation, thereby avoiding a substantial increase in your insurance premium. David DL Horton & Associates can also assist you with sealing your criminal records.

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